Requesting Assessment

Requesting an Assessment

A referee requesting an assessment for upgrade (or constructive review) must submit a formal request for assessment to the Area Coordinator of Assessment. Each request will be added to the list of requests on the date received, and the coordinator will work with the assignors to schedule an appropriate game and an assessor.

Remember: The number of available assessors and the timing of the request will impact the ability to fulfill that request.

When an assessor is scheduled and confirmed, the coordinator will notify the referee about the assessor. At that point the referee must notify the assessor if there are any changes in time or place for the match.

At the game site, the assessor provides verbal feedback to the referee following the game. Additionally, written feedback is provided after (through email). A report of the assessment is sent by the assessor to the coordinator.

If you are assessed but did not receive written feedback within seven days following the match, notify the Area Coordinator of Assessment, immediately.

Assessment Fees

When a referee requests an assessment, he or she must send a check – made out to ENYSSA – to the Area Coordinator of Assessment.  This applies to any assessment.