HVSRA referees, muy importante about your 2018 recertification


Log into the ENYSRA Game Officials website using the email address you used when you certified previous years.  If you never logged into gameofficial, your password might just be all lower case password.   Check your personal information – use these screen shots for assistance if you need them:

  1. Verify your USSF ID #
  2. Verify the correct group 1571 and district # 4 Hudson Valley
  3. Verify your referee grade. NOTE:  If incorrect, DO NOT REGISTER and instead contact Klaus (kesscom@aol.com) or Koko (kokoussf@gmail.com).
  4. Select courses from the main menu and select referee courses.
  5. Select English or Spanish.
  6. Select register for this course.
  7. Verify your information, including your district (4).
  8. Complete risk management portion.
  9. Remit payment information.
  10. Select confirm registration.
  11. Select load session tracker to take the test.
  12. Select the 2018 recertification test for your grade.
  13. Select ok.
  14. Select start session and take the test and submit when completed!

The registration fees are $65 for grades 8 & 9, $70 for grade 7, and $145 for grades 5 & 6.

Check out the 2016-2017 law changes for USSF referees:

This includes heading and concussion regulations:

ImportantRisk management training (pre-recertification requirement for referees over the age of 18)